Chasing the Wind

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Hey, I'm Beth.This is an art blog. My personal blog is: *Enjoy*. :) I'm working on a page with my personal art. To see it click the "I made this" link next to "Ask me anything".



Here are 3 little notebooks I covered for my daughter using the same decoupage method in my previous post.

these are darling!

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These are the things that shape or shake.

They recreate or break your faith.

Who you are is wrapped around the thick core of who you’ve been.

The core is verdant and alive. 

And when you snap, the sap leaks out and there you are.

All your thought grow from your core; when you put ink to the page it all spills out.

It’s all those times someone told you it’d get better but here you are

You are me and I am you and you warned us

You warned us and weaned us like a babe’s mother to her milk

to make it hurt less but

it hurt sooner

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spray paint, acrylics, yarn


spray paint, acrylics, yarn

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my self portrait based of on one of van gogh’s self portraits :)

acrylics on canvas

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